Beware of Invention Promotion Firms

“Invention promotion firms” or “invention submission companies” may sound like a good option when trying to capitalize on your invention.  They normally offer to evaluate the patentability of inventions, file patent applications and license them to manufacturers, build prototypes, and market inventions.  Unfortunately, these firms presently have a terrible reputation.  

In reality, invention promotion firms typically make their money from charging fees to their clients for services rather than from successfully marketing inventions.  These fees usually must be paid up front by the client.  As a result, such invention promotion firms are primarily interested in convincing their clients to pay more and more fees.  Many of these firms do little or nothing for these fees except make a lot of false promises. If you are considering using an invention promotion firm, I strongly suggest that you consult the following web site:  

This site lists complaints against invention promotion firms and also includes several additional links and tips (including links and tips at the Federal Trade Commission).  You owe it to yourself to educate yourself on these firms before you jump in head first and hire one.  I also urge you to consult with a qualified patent attorney who can provide more information on the REALITIES of obtaining and promoting your invention. 

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